Although there was a $5,000 annual cap in place on guardianship and other fiduciary fee awards before the problems became known publicly and the rules were amended, court records reveal that Margaret Ann Bomba, a NY elder-law practitioner, managed to pull in over $90,000 in one single 12-month period. How did she do that? Systematic computerized billing, with reliance on paralegals and other office staff to do most of the work which she was supposed to be performing. She even charged $37.50 to leave a message on an answering machine and hourly legal fees for other things which did not require the services of a lawyer and should not have been charged at a "legal" billing rate. In one case we checked, she submitted a fee bill which was actually 81 pages long. How did she get away with seeking and obtaining excessive fees? The legislators gave judges "discretion" to establish a plan for "reasonable compensation." Corrupt judges were rubberstamping the guardian fee requests, and no one was watching the judges! VoG 2001-2015